Sandra De Berduccy

I am artist, weaver and researcher from Bolivia, all my work and my life is centred in this daily practice. I assume textiles as technology, and I explore the relationship between nature, processes of traditional Andean textiles and various languages of the new media art. I work, since almost twenty years, in researches on traditional textile techniques and processes of the American continent, specially in Andean and pre-Columbian textiles. My work is result of field research, first-hand learning with weaving masters, travel through textile territories, study of pre-Hispanic techniques, etc.

The involvement with this research take me to live and work, since 2013, in a quechua community, near to one of most productive textile areas in Bolivia: South of Cochabamba and North Potosi, the weaves of this area are know by its complexity and principally to conserve the pre- Columbian techniques and are considered one of the most impressive contemporary ethnographic textiles of the continent.

I am experimenting with processes related with energy in the ancient textiles. All those practices merge with each other and give continuity to the ancient textile tradition of which I consider myself part



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